Monday, 14 October 2013


So! Hello! My name is Lottie, i'm 16 (and I know how cliche this will be but..) for as long as i can remember, i have wanted to study medicine! And it really is true; Science has always been my passion and i hope that i will always retain it.
My first memory of being interested in the medical side of life, was when i got a little doctor’s kit for Christmas, back when i was about 4 or 5. That thing wasn't allowed to leave my sight. It was bright red and i had my own little stethoscope; from that moment on my fate was sealed!

I started studying my AS levels at college at the beginning of September, and the first week of October was Fresher’s; where i signed up for MedSoc. I started attending the week after and i now know that this is exactly what i want to do. The first meeting was absolutely packed and the things we got talking about were really interesting. One of the biggest things that i picked up on was about work experience, placements and personal statements. One of the second years that runs medsoc mentioned that she manages to keep up with everything; volunteering; applications; UCAS; through keeping a blog, and i thought “why not?”. I am a real scatter brain, and if it helps her keep track of what's going on, why wouldn't it help me?!

I hope that by trying to keep track of everything here i will be able to feel more confident about applying; and some of the things i post may even help you too.

Peace out and much loves, Lottie <3

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