Sunday, 27 October 2013


So I know it’s Sunday, which means that this post is a day late, but i had work and to be honest, i completely forgot. And this week, having been keeping a look on the BBC News Health webpage, i found all of the stories to be pretty uninspiring. So i have decided to tell you a little bit about a trip i am really hoping to go on.
On Friday, myself, a couple of friends, and i suppose two hundred other people crammed into our college’s theater to see a video and hear a talk about a trip to Ghana; 20 first years get taken on a ten day adventure to a small village, where we help to raise awareness of malaria, HIV and AIDS. We also attend lessons with the local children for a week. We get a lesson in how to cook traditional Ghanaian foods, participate in sports, learn traditional dances and even get taught how to do our washing! Now while this all sounds absolutely amazing, the cost might dampen some peoples hopes of going, but to me, the £1400 definitely seems worth it! It will undoubtedly take a while to raise this much money, but at the end of the day, it’s a really good cause.

On the application form, it asks “why do you want to go on this trip?”. I suppose the really obvious place to start for this is that “it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity”. And while it will be, and that comment could almost be considered an understatement, there will be far more to gain from it.
If i was chosen to go i guess one of the most exciting things would be to see the cultural differences. One of my best friend’s, who has family who lives in Kenya, has always said how wonderful it is; how kind the people are; the foods; the traditions. But I think it will also be very eye opening to see the other side of life; the poverty and the disease, and my want to help other people, makes me want to go all the more.
While the main reason of going on trips like this is to help others, you will also be able to help yourself; making new friends from here and from Ghana; increase social skills; it can teach you invaluable work experience; and possibly most importantly, having fun with new people.

It is also important to consider what you will bring to the project? What skills can you offer that others might not have? Have you volunteered before? Have you ever done something that would boost your leadership skills? Something that shows dedication? Determination?
And how are you going to raise the money needed? Bike rides? Bake sales?

So, i’m sorry this post is so short, and FULL of questions! But I am hoping that by asking myself all of them, i stand a better chance of writing a better application!!
And if you ever want to do something like this, see if anything similar is run in your school or college, or here are a few sites i have found online that do similar things;

Until next time, peace out and much loves Lottie <3

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